School of Embroidery (B) Free Standing Lace - Jan 30th 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

School of Embroidery (B) Free Standing Lace - Jan 30th 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Please give us a call for more details or to sign up at (509) 585-4739.

Create this beautiful lace picture frame while you learn the process of creating machine-embroidered freestanding lace. This project features both appliqué and lace. You’ll also go home with a bonus matching coaster design that uses the same techniques you’ll learn in class.

This project is compatible with any machine with an embroidery capability of 5” x 7” or larger.

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Hands on Skill Building workshops designed to teach you how to master a specific embroidery technique & gain an understanding of the stabilizers, threads and notions used to create the project. With each technique you will be adding a new sample to your Mastery Notebook. This notebook is designed to be a reference guide for you in the future, complete with Project directions, stabilizer information, specific machine adjustments, thread choices, notions and tools used to complete each project.

You will go home with a completed project in each class.

Who Should come:

Anyone who owns an embroidery machine and has a desire to learn. All Brands of Embroidery Machines are welcome!

You must have taken your Machine Instruction class & Embroidery Workshop before registering for the School Of Embroidery Mastery.

Why you should come:

To build your Mastery Notebook.

To gain a complete knowledge of stabilizers.

How and when to use which stabilizers and why you used them.

To understand embroidery threads. To create beautiful embroidery projects while learning more about your embroidery machine. To get inspired and to inspire others to be creative.

How often is the class:

Once a month

Each time you register you will receive a supply list of items to bring and prepare for class. You will bring your USB stick to class and we will give you the designs and a digital copy of the pdf's for the class. You will receive a printed copy of the directions for your notebook.